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    Collection Impressions (now that I've seen it in action)

    Now that I've seen "Collections" in action, at least to a limited degree, I find them to be lacking in the sense that unless you are already following the person who has received an image in their Collection, you are never going to know they exist or see their images because the page that you land on when you click the image is the artist's, with zero indication that the picture is part of a Collection. Using Mihari as an example, I would love to see more art of her character, but unless the artists makes explicit mention (and correctly list her Weasyl ID), it is highly unlikely I will ever discover her.

    There are a lot of people on FA that I watch, not because they're artists, but because they simply purchase amazing artwork. Technically speaking, I find more great artists via work that people have purchased, than finding those artists directly on my own. The way Collections currently operate, I feel like my ability to discover has been diminished.

    Full disclosure: I am a no talent hack that purchases art, so color me biased, but I like to connect with the people that watch me because they enjoy the nature of what I commission, and I feel like that capability is reduced. If, for example, an artist posts a piece and it becomes part of my "Collection", I am far less likely to reply to comments there because it feels like "taking over" the artist's page, and simply because unless I monitor that image daily, I'm never going to even know comments have been left.

    That same issue works in reverse, as well. If someone has something in their Collection, and I am watching them, and when I click on the Collection I land on the artist's page, it makes it much more difficult for me to interact with the commissioner, asking them questions or letting them know my opinion (not that anyone cares, mind you). All I can really say is, people thrive on feedback. People that receive feedback are likely to be more active. The current setup deprives them (commissioners) of that to a large degree.

    If I am misunderstanding how Collections work, or if this has been brought up elsewhere, I apologize and please delete this thread.
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    Part of the planned functionality of the collections system which we'll be implementing is the ability for the person it was made for to add a description beneath the original uploader's (although the original uploader can bar the person(s) it was made for from doing so, since they made it and all), as well as allowing the person it was made for/includes to send a request to the artist instead of the other way around.

    You make a good point about the issue with the person who has the submission in their collections not getting notifications. I will talk to the coding team about the feasibility of making it so that once something is added to your collections, you start getting notifications about new comments and favorites. Additionally, I can also ask about the feasibility of having a submission reappear on the front page when someone accepts a collection request.

    We'll also be looking into being able to organize your collections into folders. For instance, tagging someone in a photo is a valid use of the collections system, but someone might not want that mixed in with the art they've received. I can't make any promises right now, but they are things we are considering.
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