Bungie unveiled their next big game recently "Destiny." To sum it up quickly, Earth is in bad shape, humanity was attacked by an alien force and left beat down to not only their home planet, but to one single city. A large sphere hangs above the city, that protected it from the alien threat. You take on the role of a guardian and are tasked with exploring the world that nature has taken back, aliens have settled, and reclaiming the planets that once belonged to humanity. More info at the main site and an interview with a trailer here.

I'm curious to find out what Bungie means by it being a multiplayer game and not all at the same time. They claim that it will be a social game where the world is constantly changing while not being an MMO. I really hope that it's not like other games that tried this (Chromehounds, Mechassault 2) where you take on a faction and fight for control. There's so many ruts that it could fall into without ever getting off the ground. But, I have high hopes for it. It looks beautiful from the little gameplay footage you see, and the idea of a social game without being an MMO is great. Since it's still early we can only speculate about it, but nevertheless, what are your thoughts?