I run my own minecraft server off Ubuntu 12.10, took me a while to get mine setup, but it works pretty neat. ^_^

I have limitations of only up to 20 players allowed​ currently on my server, for reasons cuz it's just a small server on my laptop designed for few people if they wish to join that is. ^_^; My server runs Craftbukkit, and has all the available plugins like Essentials, PeX, Vault, Lockette, GriefPrevention, AutoSave World.

If anyone's interested to having a look at my server feel free to join it. Although I dont't currently have much built at the moment to make it look epic I do have a few which have been working on to make it look good. ^_^

Server: mc.tearfulwolf.org

Upon entering the server I'll have to be add players to a group so you can build and destroy blocks. :3 My server should be up most of the time except for those times when I've to update the server or the system itself. :3 Sometime in the future though when I've gotten to build my custom computer from scratch I'll have a better server to run it from which will allow for more players to join. ^_^