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    Suggestion: Tag suggestions as-you-type.

    Hello Weasyl!

    I read the threads regarding tagging in the Site Discussion section and so far I've seen some really great ones!

    eriscontrol's suggestion about implementing tag aliases and tag implications is a phenomenal idea, and Morphology's concern that users need to tag submissions accurately is indeed a concern I share. Already I have seen several submissions with multiple tags that are missing, non intuitive, and are not common or clear. ("mf" for example representing a heterosexual image.)

    In that light, I suggest an "auto-fill" like function attached to the tagging system pulling suggestions as the user types from a "standard library" of tags. (For example: female, male, hetero, homo, straight, gay, human, animal, etc...)

    Not exactly auto-fill (we can learn from Apple's mistakes ) but as you type it displays a list of 5-10 of the closest matches and/or most common tags in the standard library that match what the user has already entered appearing below the text input window.

    When a user clicks on a suggested tag, it would be added and the text box cleared for adding a second.

    Think of the suggested search function on the Google home page.

    I believe such a system would be relatively easy to implement (but what do I know), would make tagging easier for users, would mesh with the mission and intent of adopting tag aliases and tag implications, and gently guide users towards a more cohesive list of tagging that would increase clarity, improve tag searching, and and enhance filtering capabilities.

    tl;dr: Suggested tags as you type from a standard list la-Google Search.

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    I like this idea! At times I have difficulty spelling certain words and having the tagging field exempt from Firefox's dictionary it's hard to tell if I'm right on spelling or not w/o checking google.

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    I like this, if not just because I'm lazy.

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    I often sit there trying to think of what tags I might be missing that should go on, and usually end up not being able to think of many.

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    i think this is a great idea and it helps with the lack of tags. something else that could be suggested it and i think its been mentioned but i would like to emphasize something like common tag suggestions along side the as you type suggestions for the tags
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