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    Feature Implimentations - Future Updates

    EDIT: Balls, I posted this thread under the wrong directory. Move me as you wish!

    I want to make a list as keep-sake of future changes, updates, fixes, etc. that I would personally want for myself. Anyone else who would like to contribute to the list, feel free to do so! Any answers I get from the admins on how doable each suggestion is for future updates will also be posted here within the list to give anyone proper explanation of the limitations of the website or personal aesthetics the admins want to follow.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Artist Info

    - I filled out my information and messenger information, but nowhere on my page can I see it or access it.

    - Allowing linkability to other websites like FurAffinity, SoFurry, DeviantArt? Naaah, I don't know.

    Interchangeable Avatars

    - I'd dig it if my avatars could be saved and if I could choose between them upon any time of the given day. Or well, not me per say, since I'm bland and I never change my avatars, but y'know, for the extroverts out there that like to switch it up.

    Site Flavors

    - You guys know your shit when it comes to design. Weasyl is gorgeous. But there are some that would disagree with your color choices. I'm not one of them, but it'd be nice to allow for different templates or flavors when you have the time in terms of overall color scheme, or text.

    Dynamic Thumbnail Sizes

    - Creating a default thumbnail that shows the entire submission size, whether it be landscape or portrait. This would be akin to FurAffinity's or DeviantArt's thumbnails.

    - A toggle switch in the settings between the current square thumbnails and dynamic thumbnails.

    - I understand design wise that square thumbnails provide a more consistent or clean aesthetic to the front page, but it's at the expense of cropping the image. Perhaps an alternative solution could be when you roll over the square thumbnail, it will show a side bubble window akin to SoFurry's that shows the actual image (SoFurry makes it zoom in, which I'm not crazy about).

    - The problem with the bubble is it may obstruct the view of other thumbnails.

    Thumbnail Grey Rollover

    - I'm a huge fan of this. I love the little touch that depending which side you roll over the thumbnail is where the transparent sheet wipes towards. Super slick! But, at the same time it could obstruct the thumbnail.

    - I figure being able to toggle it on/off could be interesting, or allowing the bubble idea to replace it or even run with it.

    - I appreciate the blue font used to highlight the artist's name. However, it doesn't link to their page. It may stress the website to include all those hyperlinks, but it'd be nice if I could just go straight into the artist's page instead of clicking at the art, and then clicking their name. People are lazy (more like I'm lazy)!

    Scrolling Submissions

    - When I click into a submission, my first instinct is to press the right or left arrow keys to scroll through their art, or click to the right or left of the image to go back or forth. DeviantArt pampered me too much, as has Blogspot.

    Enlarge/Zoom in Submissions

    - I notice when I posted one of my art pieces, it was restricted in its size, and when I instinctively clicked on it to make it bigger, it didn't. I had to go to the download button option below to do that. While yes, some files are obnoxiously large that stretch out the web page beyond reason, I figure it couldn't hurt to be able to blow up the submission image just a tad when I click on it. If I want to get the full resolution, downloading it would be the next step.

    Hot Key / Button HTML (BBS?) Codes

    - When I was writing my journal or descriptions for my submissions, I found out I couldn't use Command + B (I have a Mac, please forgive me) to have the code wrap around my text or naturally, y'know, bold it. Same goes with any other form of code, I had to manually type it in, submit it, then go back in and edit my text before I was left satisfied.

    - Previewing my submission could be nice, but being able to see what I do to my text in real life would be nicer, if not at least have the option to let the code to do the work with a hotkey.

    Sub-Sub-Sub Folders

    - Although unwarranted and perhaps unnecessary, perhaps allowing deeper levels of organization within the gallery would be mighty convenient for us Obsessive Compulsive folk. It might strain the site further, but who knows, it could be a priceless future endeavor?

    Streaming Information

    - I have a couple of websites I use to stream. Livestream,, TinyChat, Ustream, you name it. If I can allow myself to include all my usernames in my stream information and then put up a button that'll allow me to toggle when I'm streaming or not with my link included on my front page, that'd just be bonkers cool. is a little tough since that means I'll have to update a link every time I stream unless I fork over $100 for a years worth of my own custom domain, but hey, it's just a thought!

    - Allowing a link for a Streaming Information page would also be wicked. Just to give people a low down of when you plan to stream, or any general rules within said artist's stream.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    None so far on my end! I see a few in other topics, and I'll add them as necessary.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    Fixes / Responses
    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    So that's it for now! If any of you guys have any of your own suggestions, feel free to post them up.

    Admins, Mods, or what-have-you, I hope this helps give you any extra work to do before or after the full release of Weasyl. You guys are doing a spectacular job so far. The responsiveness of dealing with any obstacles and hurdles so far is astonishing. I'll definitely be supporting you guys with my wallet and shoot for a yearly deal of a pro membership.

    The website so far has been a thrill. I've never seen such a clean interface before on ANY art related website, including Tumblr, Photobucket, Blogspot, FurAffinity, DeviantArt, SoFurry, etc. It's just been such a slick ride, being able to organize anything I want at will to the degree that I can and still making it look like I have a professional portfolio website is just more than I could ever hope for. If you guys continue improving, I wouldn't be surprised if a massive exodus came hurdling in.
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    It's BBCode if you mean the standard forum coding language.
    This guy here suggested folder like filters for sub-folders. Allowing you to use a master folder to host all types of art you wish to upload to it then breaking it down by type, date, etc by pulling a keyword from the tags listed on each submission.



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