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    Suggestion: for sellers and commissions.

    I'm very excited to see Weasyl up! I really want to switch over and just have this be my main site [no more multiple galleries on 6 different sites! Yay!].
    Most of what I create is for the sole purpose of selling. I make costumes, hats, and other little things. It'd be nice to have a specific "for sale" category for submissions, or even a section of the site dedicated to selling. Art, jewelry, crafts.... it'd be a great way to get stuff out there for starving artists!
    With that thought it mind, it would also be cool to have a way to show that an artist is open/closed for commissions, and have that option be searchable [if that makes sense]. I'm not sure how anyone would go about doing that, but, hey, like I said, it'd be great to see the site with options like that.
    Just a humble suggestion. c:

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    Seconding, this is a great idea! Maybe it should be more of a toggle though, so that once the item is sold and marked as such it can still be viewed by searching the proper category.

    For example, a hat for sale is in the sewing category. You click a radio button to mark it for sale and when it is sold you simply deselect the sale button, or click a 'sold' button. When the hat is sold it is still in the sewing category, just not in the 'for sale' section.

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    This sounds like a nice little feature/addition to the site ^-^
    I'd probably move my shop to Weasyl if they allowed similar customizations to that of Storenvy!

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    this sounds nice, but i think while they are fixing things, updating and such.

    Maybe you could temporarily use a "For Sale" Folder it wouldnt hurt ^^



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