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Thread: Hello Weasyl

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    Hello Weasyl

    Hello all. I guess I will introduce myself. My name is Ben and I'm new here to the forum. I work in south florida, Lantana to be specific, at a mental health facility for adolescents. It's a challenging job, but really rewarding when the outcome is a stable life for a young person. I do hope to meet new folks here and get into some discussions. I like the forum format so much more than facebook. The back and forth there has gotten pretty stale and it's often mean spirited and political. Too much attacking and not enough civilized discussions. I recall the days when forums like this were where all the actions was happening. There are still so pretty great ones out there too. Anyhow, I tend to ramble so, once more, it's great to be here and look forward to jumping in.
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    Hey Ben! Welcome to the Weasyl forums!

    That's actually a super inspiring career path you've chosen –*your actions will have an immense impact on all individuals you touch for sure!



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