Good evening everybody! Anxo the Dragon here! I'm an aspiring freelance artist from the USA. I draw furries and make adoptables and do other fun things that are a part of the furry life! I promise I don't bite, feel free to drop by and say hi! ^^ I've been a furry for about ten years now, but have only started to engage the community more recently. I'm looking forward to honing my art skills and immersing myself in this wonderful community!

My two main characters are Anxo the dragon and Astraknie the astral spider. With all the furless characters I create it's amazing I have the audacity to call myself a furry! Some of my other characters include Milesmali the common protogen and Xerrow the aquatic amalgam, among others. I enjoy drawing the more unusual and exotic species the fandom has to offer, and am always up for the challenge of drawing something new. Krux, proto and primagens and manokits are among some of my favorite original furry species!

I've always had a love for the grotesque and macabre, which has intensified in recent years in the wake of some medical trauma. I vent through body horror and gore themed art, so expect to find my art flagged as mature on Weasyl! But if evil and innards intrigue you, maybe you'll consider following me or chatting about the subject sometime!

It's nice to meet you all, I look forward to getting to know everyone a bit better! ^^