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    Site Activity and Staff

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    Just curious on a couple of things here:

    1. Will there be new additions to the main site staff (mods and admins specifically)? I know that our team is small, and having formally been a moderator, I know things get bogged down real quick and everything has a process regardless of what website you're using. I think the addition of new moderators would be a welcome relief to the current staff, as the work won't be so heavy on just a couple individuals.

    2. Site activity, it's slow and we're all aware of this. I feel that if there's a stronger presence from the staff on the site (more announcements, more participation (promoting community groups (or creating) such as the now dormant ConbadgeExchange (which, if interest increases, will return to active), highlighting upcoming cons and other activities, maybe changing up the site home button every now and again with user contributed art, basically highlighting anything that encourages user activity on the site), there might be more of a user interest to participate on the site. After all, if the staff doesn't come off as active to the average user, what image does that give the user, and what will that user be saying about the site to other users or potential users? If you don't encourage activity on your own site and give people a reason to join, to participate, and to stay, then why should they stay? (And I say 'you' and 'your' in general and am not being specific to anyone)

    It's a bit of a heavier task to ask of the mods/admins/directors to kick into gear any of the above mentioned in the second paragraph, so an idea to assist would be having a separate staff group responsible for community affairs. Have this group of people do things like the above mentioned, and breathe some life onto the site. They would have their own specific section of the SCoC to follow, and all activities would be signed off on by a director, and perhaps down the road, an admin specific to this community affairs group.

    I feel personally that if there's more involvement from the staff, the site itself has a greater potential to pick up. I think the idea I've shared in paragraph two is a great one for the site, and should be considered by the active staff. We need something to breathe life into the site, and a community affairs group as part of the staff would be a good starting point for this. Drum up activity, keep up the activity, and the users will return and new ones will join!

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    I will add another thing: weasyl doesn't do the group accounts like furaffinity does. While I know that this isn't FA, I WILL say that these types of accounts bring people together. Perhaps encouragement of these types of groups on the site (user operated or some type of internal staff operated, I don't know), would help as well? These groups bring people together, and positive user activity is good for the site.

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    2. Site activity, it's slow and we're all aware of this.
    On #2 site activity.
    I think beyond just user inactivity, Weasyl isn't getting much self promotion on other art sites. Weasyl isn't being talked about off hand anymore on DeviantARt or FurAffinity. I've heard folks mention the site about twice this year on each. I suggested the Weasyl should get an Ad on FA to help reach out to users looking to expand their galleries.

    FA's groups are really limited, though, since they are user accounts. They aren't all that searchable and only found by happening upon them by chance. So there's always the problem of folks keeping on making more and more of the same group topics.
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