Hi, I'm Squall (yeah, it's because of Final Fantasy 8 :'D)! I'm currently twenty-three and living in the Canadian prairies! I consider myself more of a (fanficiton) writer than an artist but y'know, whatever. I've been writing """""seriously""" (as in not just for school) since the summer of 2006 and that was for that old site, Quizilla :'D. I wrote nothing but Mary Sue fanfics back then and thAT'S CURRENTLY ALL I WRITE NOW LMAO... Anyway!

I always liked drawing but I didn't really start liking it and all that until fourth grade... and it was because of Inuyasha lmfaooo. I'm not sure if I should call myself an anime artist but it's been super influential to me (Rumiko Takahashi even if it wasn't on purpose, Arina Tanemura, Moyoco Anno and Pink Hanamori, at least back then!!) and my messy, messy style is still very anime :'D. I'm still learning a lot, trying to get in the habit of drawing backgrounds (simple shapes and stuff but I'm gonna try complex stuff........eventually) and shading which is still trouble for me pffft.

You can find me on deviantArt under "SaturdayPeople" and my art Tumblr "ziktorgrimlord"! I'm most likely going to be more active on there because habit, but I'm gonna try my best to be active on Weasyl too, of course! I really like the look and how organized it is ahaaa

Anyway, I think that's all I can ramble on for! I hope I can make some buds here ^^ and that you guys have a good rest of your day! <3