GO HERE TO BID: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/27528738/

-do not bid if you can't afford to. SERIOUS BIDS ONLY
-you must pay immediately after the auction ends via paypal USD
-any species/genders/builds
-any pride flags (including ace/aro flags)
-no characters described as traps, herms, or other harmful terms
-no characters with insanely large wings/horns
-SB for both is $25
-bid increments of $5 minimum
-no AB
-auction ends June 4th, 5 pm EST

the finished image will be fully colored+shaded, examples below

the organization i'm donating the proceeds to will be www.lgbteachesco.org and i will be posting a screencap of the receipt on here as well as my twitter (www.twitter.com/catcooties_)! thanks so much for bidding <3 i know i'm probably supposed to link to weasyl submissions but FA is where i frequent so shrugs