August 3rd to the 5th
I'm hoping to make it to Megaplex this year as it is my local con.
If things fall into place just right I should still be able to attend.

September 6th through the 9th
I'm curious and hoping to make fursonacon
It sounds fun and I would love to go.

October 26th to 28th
Always wanted to try and attend furpocalypse
Always thought it be cool to attend a October con
Again travel would have to be disscussed and made possible before I even considered it.

January 11th to the 13th (2019)
I really want to try for Aquaticfur
I really would like to attend this one if travel is possible.


Currently though all these cons are very up in the air.
Car issues and Various other life events have made it hard to tell if I can attend any of these cons at all.

Anyone going?