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    Hello from Japan!

    Hi there!

    I'm Fiorabeast, but my pen name in Japanese is Taiga Komagami. I go by two names, mainly because being bilingual, I figured since I can speak two languages, that I some people can't pronounce certain names in their language so I went with that (feel free to call me any one of them!)
    Technically I was born and raised in the US and moved to Japan where I currently work as a chef. I can speak and read some Japanese, but my reading still needs work...

    I came to weasyl because since I like drawing kemonomimis, this place looked like it was okay with them (furaffinity kind of scares me to be honest...). I'm also using twitter and tumblr to post art also.

    At the moment, I'm just drawing what I like (mainly kemonomimis and designing guys in skimpy outfits) and slowly trying to level up my art skills and gain confidence in my art abilities so that I can write my own comics someday. Not to mention, operate an art commission business on the side for living and food expenses since Japan is pricey...
    And... trying to figure out why my images are huge when I submit them to my gallery (even though the dimensions are small when I look at my own data...).

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    Hello from the USA, I am Yoki,
    I just am recently upset with FA and have been happy to have weasyl as my new home for art.
    I think Weasyl has a lot of Potential and am really hoping for i to thrive.



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