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    Profile Page Format changes are needed.

    So, I don't really know what's been going on lately with the site - but it definitely seems to be declining. So I don't know how far within the realm of possibility I am here. But I figured I'd talk anyway.

    I think that our profile pages need a bit of an adjustment. Everything's all crammed in there.

    Our journals, artist profile, contact, connections and statistics areas all need to have a clear separation. I think just separating them into their own boxes would help a lot. I honestly miss people's journals a lot because I keep skipping over them when it's not all nicely divided up. Think like how deviantart's profiles are set. Everything has it's own clearly defined space.

    I also think that we should make the submission thumbnails at the top of our profiles smaller, and since we already have this - do we really need the most recent submissions just below there?
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    I agree that the submission thumbs at the top can be smaller. I just looked and the thumbs are larger that even the browse feed. One thing that I like trying to avoid for my own profile is making my visitors have to scroll forever and ever just to view everything on my profile.

    I would like to see my journals have a separate space from the rest of my profile, too. Journals are really important to communicate with people on current events the artist has going on.

    do we really need the most recent submissions just below there?
    Ahaha, I never though about it, but it is actually redundant to have that extra secondary most recent, huh? That second most recent also takes up WAAAY too big of a space. I could do without the Secondary Most recent Artwork as well. I can't even see the art I post with it being larger than my screen there, too.



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