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    Can we post screens / videos of our own games?

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    I don't know where the staff have gone, so I apologize if I'm speaking out of turn, but it's a safe bet that all of the above is fine. The overriding principle is that this site is for showing off your own creations, not dumping pictures of whatever like one would on, say, Imgur. So if you're a game developer and it's your game, it's fine as long as you're not still using placeholder assets from another game's stock library.

    Point #3 might get a bit contentious if the actual artist has a Weasyl account of their own, although it would probably fall under the same guidelines as posting art you commissioned from someone else, especially if you're the head of the development team. From an ethical standpoint, I'd recommend clearing it with the artists first, because often they like to show off their own work under their own accounts.



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