I mostly lurk Weasyl these days, but realized I hadn't poked my head into the forums. Ever! And recently I've wanted to try getting back into furry, since it made me so happy in the past. I doodle sometimes, but I haven't drawn anything proper in...a few years, actually. Which kind of sucks. I need to fix that.

I've been dabbling in the fandom for about...13 years now? Used to frequent Megaplex, really need to hit it up again. I hear it's gotten pretty big in recent years, which is impressive to me. It was so small in 2011 when I first went!

I lurk SL too, but I mostly keep to myself and my small circle of friends. These days I'm most active on my Twitter, srt_reno, though it's not furry-centric and kind of a fustercluck. Maybe I'll make a furry-specific Twitter. Someday. Eventually. :V

It's actually Twitter's fault I got bit by the furry bug again. A ton of folks I follow have been posting and retweeting stuff from MFF and oh my god? It looked like a total blast. The fandom scene has evolved so much in such a short time, it's really cool!