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    Hello! I'm new, enthralled, overwhelmed, but extremely excited! (x2!)

    For the past 24-hours, I've been just completely overwhelmed with all kinds of amazing emotions as I've come to realize my affinity for fur-kind. I've only been lurking for a few days, and heck, I've only really stumbled into Furries a few weeks ago. Now, I feel like I'm taking an amazing tumble down the softest and most beautiful hill as I cheerfully laugh and giggle my way down (to try and put my emotions into perspective, haha).

    It feels like I'm just discovering a whole part of me that was lying dormant! *breathes* A bit about me... is that I'm generally cautious. I don't like to say the wrong thing, so I'm diving straight into the correct terminologies to use. I would be so appreciative if anyone that was in the same boat could give me some quick advice on this (*focused-study-look*). I'm certainly not an artist but I do enjoy design/storytelling.

    I'm in the process of discovering my Fursona; getting him his background, and foremost... drawn! I've been doing my best to collect references, which I could probably do all day. I love browsing the art, emotions, worlds, Fursonas, passions... I could go on and on. I think it's the unlimited potential and possibilities that excite me the most; creating a background, a world, mingling with others (and their worlds), roleplaying, relationships (all kinds), and so on. I have this desire to also create 'friends' along with him; is that something normally done... but I also feel like those 'friends' are better yet to be found/discovered here to shape his world.

    Anywho! I wanted to keep this introduction short so I'll do my best to stop now, ha! I'm really looking forward to the process of creating... well, me!

    I started with Furaffinity earlier today but also discovered Weasyl just a few moments ago! How amazing is THAT!? (Hence the x2) -- I certainly want to make friends and hang out with as many people as possible! I'm really looking forward to this new journey in my life.

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    Well hello! I like your enthusiasm :3.
    You're certainly welcome to chat with me, though I am more active on other platforms (only made this one today).



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