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    3D modeling and concept art commissions

    Like the title says, I am offering 3D commissions! These can range from a static highpoly sculpt to a fully retopologized, textured, baked, rigged and perhaps even animated character.

    You can find more info on my userpage

    Basically, prices range from $120 to $300 more or less.

    Here are some 3D examples
    An alien dude

    Cute cartoon dinosaur baby

    Starcraft fanart, a hydralisk and a protoss

    A cartoon dragon(more like dinosaur) bust

    Slots: 5

    For 2D examples, best look at my submissions
    I will most likely make a separate thread later for 2D commissions.

    You can send me a message here or at rhatuyok (at) gmail (dot) com
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