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    I am so confused ;;

    Where and how do I post an introduction?? Is this how? I am so confused,, I am having a serious problem with an upload and I NEED help! I am being told to post an introduction, but nowhere does it say how to do that or even where to post one!?

    I'd love if someone could tell me how and where to post an introduction, I am having a problem with submitting on the main sight, and the only way to post a thread asking for help is to post an introduction, BUT THERE IS NO INSTRUCTIONS ON WHERE OR EVEN HOW TO POST AN INTRODUCTION!! ;-;

    I am very scared right now... I have literally no idea what to do at ALL. Not even the slightest idea, and it doesn't say anywhere how or where to post an introduction... Someone please help ._.

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    Just say a little about yourself, and what your interests are. Nobody's going to bite your head off.



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