So I've been doing commissions and fan art for years, but I'd really like to get more sales and +favs for my original art. So my question isn't about how to sell art, or where, but what appeals to you or seems to get a positive reaction from your +watchers / fans. Obviously 'subject matter / mature or general audience ' is going to be variable, and again isn't really the issue. I suppose I'm asking when you buy art ( or sell it) that isn't a commission or fan art, what is it that makes it something you want to purchase? Or seems to be a major factor in it's sale?

Is it the size of the piece? Is the art humorous or cute? Does it tell a story, illustrate an emotion or express the personality or motives of the characters? I've done stand alone pin ups, and I've done full background pieces that have a character doing a task and give them a uniqueness and personality. But I seem to be missing something. ( and yes I admit skill and or technical proficiency could be an issue)

Do artists that have recurring characters they draw often ( but do not appear in comics made by said artist) catch your interest? Is it subject matter that relates to some cultural tie or historical mythology?

Let me know. I'd love to hear your insight.