Ok, here we go... It was a rather weird dream so bear with me alright? At first glance, it was kinda like the world like the one we live in. But then you realise there's in fact a civilisation living really far beneath the earth. And for reasons or another, it was deemed somewhat practical to have all potential visitors get there via these elevator/escalator thingies, complete with what looks like metro stations. The ride itself purportedly takes about 2 to 4 hours. Fortunately, there's service/rest areas you can go to in order to take a break before resuming your voyage. As for what the civilisation actually looks like, they apparently have some elvish features, complete with rather long fingers. Fortunately, they were somewhat friendly enough compared to your typical elves in literature. Unfortunately the dream was over way too soon but it was vivid enough for me to remember details like these.