Weasyl I am quite impressed with what you've got going so far; I just noticed some standard things of user-ease that seem to be missing:

-Scroll bar for journal writing box: self explanatory. No one I know proof reads tapping their arrow keys into the ground.

-Fullview Option for image browsing: Saves time on clicking, plus Chrome makes downloads look ugly in the top corner with a white bg

-Allowing images in multiple folders: "I have a sketch that goes in my sketchbook, but I also make folders based on subject matter and this sketch counts for that too..."

-Ability to rearrange folders instead of alphabetical order: Self explanatory.

-Choice of white or black border around icon: I hate to admit, but the white looks pretty ugly around some icons

Thanks for working so hard team Weasyl and if you think my opinions are valid I'll add more suggestions when they come up!