I'm Meeka, the Shiba inu! I have some experience with Weasyl, but nothing that really lasted. This time however, I plan to stick around, and actually attempt to mingle with the community!I've been drawing digitally for six years, and still striving to improve myself, so I'm always down to talk about art tips and techniques. I like to experiment with my style, usually I like to be very detailed, often times verging on realism, but recently I've been playing around with a "kemono" or cartoony approach, I strive to find a simplistic form I like some day (mainly to have something to escape to when I don't feel like going all out).

Speaking of styles, I'd absolutely adore to see your content, whether it's art, writing, or crafts, I love seeing other people create things, it's one of the most exciting thing about joining an art site (in my opinion). I'd also love to talk about your original characters, and sonas! I'm open to talk about my own, but I love seeing new characters and what they're like.

I'm from the U.S., My favorite food is apples, I love to play videogames, and even code some! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. It's so nice to meet you ^^