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I rarely come on here, but I do have to chime in that removing the moderate category was breaking something that didn't need to be fixed.
I'd have to agree with this, but I won't push the opinion further, seeing as any points I can think of have already been made.

What I did come here to ask about was the new outlook on video game screenshots. I don't always post screenshots, but when I do, they focus on something unique that I created in the game. I can understand that you don't want people posting random pictures of a video game's landscape, because no matter how artistic the screenshot itself looks, everything it features is content created and manipulated by the game's creators.
But at the same time, some people out there use free-form games like Minecraft (for lack of a better example, and because I myself play it) to create amazing visual art. So, as for the question I referred to earlier: why are video game screenshots as an artform no longer allowed to be submitted to Weasyl?