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    I'm here too. I don't really care for FA either. Too bulky and site seems to be having too many slowdowns. I like here far better.

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    Regarding the current subject about how dead the site is, I'm sorry I just have to comment:
    It went downhill when you all refused to do suggestions from the get-go.

    Push to make the art site "general" instead of furry - you all said it was general but weren't willing to write it down anywhere but one post, once, on the forums, when deliberately asked. And then I'm pretty sure you deleted it later.

    You made no effort to advertise or even do search engine optimization. You didn't have to buy ads to advertise, either. You could've just got people to post about weasyl on other platforms- a thing that was happening anyway but was massively stunted when you refused to commit to the "We're totally not 100% furry" message, which scared a lot of people away from joining your site.

    When FA came out with folders, you guys kind of just stagnated.
    Your folder system is great but you can only put a submission into ONE folder?? On FA you can put an image in multiple folders. Hell, if you can get the one image in multiple folder thing working, I'd come back immediately.

    Your tagging system is just... Well there's several threads on that already, but the tldr is you can't make the site work on tags and then establish a climate where the community is afraid to tag things.

    I really really wanted this site to work but it was on a downward trend a long time ago and yeah I'm aware this post is totally unnecessary, but seeing you guys talk about this sad thing as if it were totally by accident is maddening to me.

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    I would question whether refusing to dedicate the site to the furry fandom really did so much damage. I guess, sure, it always has been a strange mixed message, since most of the site promotion was done at e.g. furry conventions and the userbase/staff is obviously mostly furry. But you could also argue that things would have worked out better had there been more promotion to bring in a larger non-furry userbase. Unless of course we're still at the stage on the internet where never the twain shall meet. I admit I don't follow these things.

    The lack of advertising and lack of technical support, though, is a problem. The tag system I do think makes sense in principle, but it hasn't worked out in practice. Some of it is apparently cultural, some of it's technical. I don't know if this has since been resolved, but before I retired there were no good tools for staff to effectively deal with tag-related reports, for example, making the whole thing really more an empty threat than a usable organizational tool.

    But the main thing is, I think there just isn't enough manpower right now to get the site back on its feet. I bet everybody forgot, but there was a discussion thread concerning this here rating change back in mid-2016 (!). It took this long for the changes discussed in that thread to finally be implemented. Unless something has changed, it's probably because there's this massive and ever-present moderation queue to be worked on and support tickets to be addressed, and only a handful of people to do it all, one ticket at a time. Meanwhile, the existing staff get exhausted and frustrated, circumstances change and people leave or just fade away, making the whole thing even harder to deal with.

    Not just a few things. Many things.

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    My only complaint about the higher ratings being only 18+ is now that Gore is left locked behind an 18+ filter like it is on FA. I really really liked on DA that gore is an "Are you sure you want to view this" type mature content. Especially since a large amount of younger people often draw gore artwork.



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