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    What do you think Furry needs?

    OK just to spark some conversation.
    What do you think the Furry Genre needs?
    Like do we need more Furry focused movies like Zootopia or less mainstream focus?

    I personally think we need to step back from adult themes as it limits your audience and the crowd you gather isn't exactly one you want to show off. I have drawn porn for years and trust me you get a crowd of fappers and that isn't something I can stand proud by, especially in a job market.

    So what do you guys think Furry needs or needs to change?
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    I wish the public image of the furry fandom was a bit more positive or more understanding/accepting. I kind of think that it's starting to sway that way or will be soon... but the huge amounts of porn will probably overshadow a lot in the meantime. But I mean, look at the anime/manga fandoms. Back in the day--like the late 90'--it seemed like everyone only knew the hentai side of anime. If you were a fan of anime, then you were considered a perv, simply because people outside of the fandom didn't know better. But times have changed, now there's cons all over and people cosplay everywhere, anime shows are pretty accessible and anime seems to be widely accepted.

    But I think that'll be happening with the furry fandom here. Cons are starting to get pretty big, new ones start all the time, and oh my GOD the art is just exploding... as more technologies are becoming affordable, we can do a lot more. I think that's the thing I like most... so much is small artist-generated. There is so much talent here! So maybe, the clean side of the fandom will outshine the porn?

    (Not shaming the porn side or anything like that, but that's what non-furry folk seem to focus their judgy eyes on, ya know?)

    And I know a lot of people outside of the fandom don't understand the appeal of a fursuit and find them creepy. I used to be right there with them, like 10 years ago... but makers/technology/techniques have come a LONG way and now there are so many styles and most of them are cute as heck or really realistic!!! I've come to really appreciate them!

    Also, I agree with you about stepping back from adult themes a bit. I was on that side of the fence so to speak and creatively, I felt really stifled. Maybe it just wasn't for me? IDK lol. And yeah, I hated when people would ask to see my recent work and all I had was furry porn to show them hahaha. So I did not show my work off at all ever hah!
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