I searched around the forums here and didn't see anything about it, so I wonder if this is an issue only I'm having, or if my browser or site preference settings are making things act up.

Anyway, when I upload art to my gallery, the site tends to blow it up so it's a bit larger than how the image is actually supposed to be. For example, I uploaded this picture earlier today:

On my computer, the actual file's dimensions are 975x630 px (as the preview indicates here), but on Weasyl, they're 1219x787 px. I took a screenshot of the page in Chrome (latest version) and cropped it in Paint, which is where I got those numbers. I don't have any browser settings that zooms into pages or images. I also checked it in Firefox, and I'm having the same problem.

The URL for this image is from my Weasyl gallery, so the image has been uploaded properly. It just displays larger than its actual size.

The same thing happens to digital art, too--in this commission, the image's actual dimensions are 925x894, but on Weasyl they again display larger.

Is there some site preference setting I'm missing here? It's a little bothersome, since it makes my scanned traditional art look blurry, and the lines in my digital art don't look quite as sharp as I'd like them to.

Thanks for your help!