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    Human Art? Art Focus?

    Hey all. I'm rather new to this site but was wondering if there were some people on here that focused more on human art. I'm curious, since I saw a lot of content t belongs in the Furry Community.

    Mind I have totally no issues with this, but I did feel a little, little bit isolated so I wanted to see who was around!

    Now if you do draw other forms of art, feel free to tell me why! I'm rather curious as to what drives people to draw as they do. Furry,object focused art, whatever subject matter you focus on.

    Personally I draw humanoids constantly, but trend towards concepts like fae, fantasy, and mythical focuses. If I don't draw in that form, I'm usually rendering cute monsters or abstract creatures.

    So I'm curious, do any of you have similar focuses? And if not, what are you interested in and why? It would be interesting to learn about people here.

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    When my interest in art really really started taking off (like around 1999-ish), I started focusing on drawing anime. I did a lot of Legend of Zelda fan art. Looking back, it's pretty cringe-worthy haha. But as I got older, I began to dislike the whole anime thing and started drawing anthro characters... not knowing there was a huge online community.

    Then it got to the point I drew only furry/anthro characters, fantasy creatures, animals, and the like. I refused to draw any sort of realistic humans. Actually, I still do! Haha.

    But after leaving high school, I began to branch out. Now I sculpt, sew, paint, needle felt... still the same subject matter though!

    It took me a while to realize what the problem was... I felt too surrounded by people all the time, so why would I want to draw more people when I was alone? I grew up in a very busy suburb and I am a huge introvert... so yeah. I also feel I'm able to convey my feelings better through, say, a snarling wolf than just an angry looking person. Something like that. :>
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    I draw furry because I don't really like people, being made fun of a lot as a child growing up made me avoid them. I find I am happiest drawing my own world and characters. I draw Feral and Humanoid types and as long as they are Animals am happy to work. My focus of skills is Pinup and the female form tho, just a personal preference.

    I also draw humans as well, but not too often as I don't like them lol
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