Hello guys and gals and nonbinary pals! I'm SecretYuri Nice to meet you all!
I'm an aspiring artist looking to improve myself, make new friends, and maybe make some cash along the way lol
I enjoy drawing pretty ladies and cute things, both humanoid and anthro alike. Especially cute girls chilling with their GalpalTM, that's my favorite subject Also chibis. Chibis all day everyday.

While not drawing or aimlessly roaming the internet I'm a 22-year-old college student from Taiwan, struggling to be an adult and trying to survive college Currently preparing for a super huge exam in July. Pray for me guys.

I've been using DeviantArt and Furaffinity for the past few months, people on both sites I met so far are very nice and welcoming, but I kinda can't stand the ancient user panel on FA. So I was searching a new furry-friendly site and somebody recommended me Weasyl and now here I am!