By submitting a piece to be inked you agree to the terms listed in this post.

Yup, you got it, free professional inking.

Being that I’m a digital artist this is my take on inktober.

Why offer applications 1 month early? - This allows me time to select and solicit pieces to ink during the month of September so in October I can focus on inking.
Anything goes as long as its R rated or less, any skill level (beginner through professional) will be given full consideration. Granted, I am an enthusiastic anthropomorphist but that is in no way a prerequisite for submissions; as always, I reserve the right to reject any submitted piece for any reason. i would prefer that submissions be in as high a resolution as practical. Completed inks will provided in a resolution equal to or greater than that of the original and will be transparency-enabled to allow for coloring etc.
To submit a piece, supply me with a link to it (either via this post or by PM); if the submission is low-resolution, let me know if a higher resolution version could be made available to me.

Why open it to artists of all skill levels? – Put simply an inker reads lines and diverse source material builds the inker’s skills; it’s more fun that way to.

The original artist retains all rights to their original work.
As the Inker I own the rights to the Inks with the exception of the right to sell it without reaching an agreement with the original artist and grant to the original artist the right to do whatever they want to with it with the exception of the right to sell it without reaching an agreement with me (and I’m not unreasonable).
As always both I and the original artist agree to supply credit for each other’s work any time the inks are displayed or reproduced.