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    weasyl username not accessable: Füchschen

    First i was surprised, that your website accepted special characters,
    but than i realized, that i can't properly log into this account.

    I know from another website, that the letter "ü" sometimes gets converted into: "├╝"<- (i'll bet, no one has this in a brute-force list, which is the main reason why im using this ^.^)
    But this wasn't the case here.

    Can you change the corrupted letter (or whatever it is) in a "ü" (or insert this value into the SQL table for my username):
    "Füchschen". The email should be the same as used in this forum. This way you can find it.
    Or at least whipe my account, so that i can create a new username

    Ether way, i suggest you put a warning upon registration, if characters can't be used on your website, like the way
    this forum works here. Here i wasn't able to use "Füchschen" as a username.

    Hope this helps you for improving this website and i also hope you can help me as well.

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    Hmm, interesting.
    I took a look at your your profile and only the ├╝ works in place of the ü character. Your username doesn't seem to work with a regular u either.
    We can easily fix your user name, just send an e-mail to from the e-mail you created your account with and we'll change it for you.
    Not many people tend to use special characters when creating a username, so it's a unique thing.
    Thank's for letting us know!
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    I have send an email, but right now, i can not receive any emails, because the DHCP client of my router crashed.
    (or DNS problem)
    (or Cache problem)
    (it changes everytime i reset the connection).

    Your website and a few others are right now the only ones i can access.
    If there are any more questions, please be patient till i have established a connection to my email server.



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