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    General fursuit questions..

    Hey all -
    At BLFC'17, looking forward to tomorrow to wrap it up.

    Was helping a vendor in the dealer's den, and saw a lot of fursuits. I'm not a fursuitist - I can't even make toast, much less a suit! - and I don't wear one. But, seeing all the 'suits there I had a whole bunch of questions.

    Can post them here, but this doesn't seem like the right forum, and since they're extremely likely they're 'noob' to 'freakin' stupid' questions, probably not worthy of filling up this post.

    So, in short - if there are a couple 'suitists out there that wouldn't mind ansering some questions, would appreciate a note, either here or on the main Weasys site.

    -Mike Coyot.

    Edit - Thanks to the few the contacted me!
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