Hello everyone, I'm completely new to this site and it's forums, not the fandom... sort of, so I hope I won't be a complete idiot on how things work on this site. I hope that I can get along with most of you on here so that I can keep my blocks or whatever this site may call them at a minimum... it's always a sad thing when I'm forced to block someone due to their behavior or actions towards me... I really hope this is sufficient enough for an introduction to this site.

About Me:

Well, to start on some things about me I'd have to start with some basic things about me. I'm an Asexual/Aromantic Male from Indiana who's current age is admittedly 14 (I usually hate admitting my age due to those who'd harrass or look down on me for it). I do not care what you refer to me as, but only if it's not a nickname I really hate (I'll usually say to not call me it though) as these just really get under my skin personally. Some final things I'd like to mention before wrapping this is up is that I am flat broke (because I'm only 14 ), so I basically rely on any opportunity I get for free art and it makes me feel like shit for not supporting artists who need it. Well, that's about all I'd like to tell everyone, and I hope we, once again, get along just enough to tolerate eachother. Other Furry sites I'm on include: FurAffinity as my sona's old name, Blinky, Furry Amino as Midden the Ferret, and SoFurry as Blinkers (sadly, I hardly use my FurAffinity and SoFurry accounts anymore).