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    YCT(here): ‘$laver’ & $lave $lots in ‘$howing of $laves’ {NSFW} [Comic]

    H!'m looking for 'players' to fill Roles in an introductory Comic(and its follow-on series of sketched Scenes) which I intend to $ponsor/commission. It will feature 'me' - as a mysterious, cloaked/robed figure, looking to purchase (a) slave(s) - the 'Slaver'(hawker/handler) and up to 6-7 Slaves(aka 'The Merchandise'). The Comic will be 4-6 pages in length, depending on the Artist selected*; Colored w/BGs. The Sketches will be B&W(or Colored) & at no extra $ to the 'purchased' Slaves.
    *voted upon by participants

    Five Artists have expressed their interest in this project and are presented as ‘possibles’:
    "Suki262" = 3<4 pages(featuring an average of 3-4 characters per) in Full Color & w/BGs, for $320.
    "BrokeArtist" = 5 pages(featuring an average of 4 characters per) in Full Color & w/BGs, for $320.
    "Xserzus" = 5 pgs.(feat. an avg. of 4-5 chars. per) ‘full color&shading +semi-detailed BGs’, for $320.
    "Sm0shy" = 5<6 pages(featuring an average of 4-5 characters per) ‘colored/shaded, w/BGs’, for $320.
    "SquarePirate" = 7>8 pages(feat. an average of 4<5 characters per), ‘colored/shaded, w/BGs’, for $320.

    There is just the 1 ‘Slaver’ $lot, which currently costs $75^. This player will act as 'director' to the characters which fill the Slave $lots, deciding what they wear(if clothed) and how they may be restrained(if bound), as well as their interactions=.

    The Slave $lots currently cost $10^. Comic content/dialogues not set, so your input will be necessary=/. Players of Slaves will help to determine the character to fill the Slaver $lot(if 2-3 apply/approved; but set by highest bid if 4+...).
    ^may rise via 'ballot bidding', IF there is sufficient demand for the slots
    =by virtue of 'ownership', but within reason/you will retain control, but keep in mind your Role...

    Theme: Fantasy/Medieval/Tribal
    Quality: decent Color and Detailing

    Physiology Preferred ~ Anthros only(w/o Wings!)
    Slaver: Male, Herm or Femme; Taurs considered.
    Slaves: Herms (>) & Femmes; NO Taurs/Ferals*.
    *exceptions may be Gryphens, Dragonesses and their ilk...
    {Please Submit Ref.(or Desc.) if interested, and I will Approve <or> Veto.}

    Payment via: PayPal
    The Total Budget for my end is $150(+30).
    The Funding Goal($lot sales/auction) is: +150$
    The Timeline(in months): Two-Three

    Questions welcome below!

    Inquiries TO: {Plz w/"SSComm" in Subject...}
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