Hello, my name is Ngrasta, although I'll be RPing as my fursona most of the time.

my fursona/Zootopia OC: Sand (Sand Tori)

Species: Male Cinnamon Ferret.
Age: 26
Anthropomorphic height and weight: 24", 3.5 lbs
Therianthropic height and weight: 5'4" 110 lbs
Coat: Very light red/brown guard hairs over a cream undercoat. Legs a darker shade of the guard hairs, with a dark mask over the nose, but not reaching the eyes.
Eyes: Black.
Main outfit: Black doubleknee jeans, a black collar/choker, wire rim round glasses. (no shirt, too restrictive to movement).

Job: Proud owner of a small fruit stand. Takes special pride in stocking unusual and exotic treats.

Personality: Curious, and interested in just about everything, but generally doesn’t stick to a subject for long. Very observant, but is unlikely to meddle directly with the affairs of others. Starts out shy when meeting new mammals, but can become VERY energetic once he feels safe. Warning: Will cuddle.

I'm open to PMs if you wanna say hi, and I'm looking forward to meeting new people. Check out my DA for some of my writing, and a few pick of Sand.