Hello -

Call me Anton.
I am spontaneous, and many would call me reckless - In the sense that when I am determined to do something, nothing will stop me. Not even the worst of consequences for myself.
Inspiration is an enormous factor in my life and in my being. I seek it out, I thrive when it is present, and I hope to one day create it within others.
I have bad habits of being self disliking, I do not care much for myself as a person. I am not important to me. This may also help explain my recklessness in regards to my own safety.

I hope to one day be creative, although I do not feel that I am quite there yet.

I take great interest in science, particularly astronomy and quantum physics to name a few. Our universe is vast and incomprehensible and breathtakingly beautiful.

My disinterest in myself is perhaps balanced out by my immense interest in other beings. I find humanity fascinating and life itself to be a blessing. Not necessarily my own life, but the lives of others - Merely the fact that they exist. I try to see something good in the majority of people, and I believe that nobody is born a bad person. In general, to me, the border of when somebody crosses over to becoming a bad person is blurred.

In general I suppose I am better experienced than explained. Typing this was difficult, as i am, as mentioned, fairly apathetic towards myself.

However no matter how much I dislike myself, I probably love YOU. So should you see me, come say hello.