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    yo. you play destiny?

    hey im new lol was on original furafinity a while back went by the name shiobear.
    if you like art you can follow me Lettertomybrain on twitter, MeltingSoul on deviantart, or Pencilbrain on Instagram.
    drop me a line if you ever want to talk politics or gaming.
    and anyone who is 18+ ( i cant stand squeekers and kids so 18 is my friend cap im 24) who plays destiny on ps4 should add me im almost 350+ light and am a level 40 so i wont be a burden on your strike team.
    my psn ID is Septimusthegnome.
    dont really get the whole must make a post of 140 characters to be registered as a user but whatever im sure by now its 140 i think?
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