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Thread: Hello, world!

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    Hello, world!

    Heya, everyone!

    I've had a Weasyl account for a good long while now, but it had pretty much lain dormant. I'm trying to become a bit more active here, and as part of the process, made a forum account as well.

    What to tell about myself? I'm a writer, and a general nerd. My interests include, besides furries of course, tabletop RPGs, computer games, SF and fantasy, and boardgames. My favorite critter is probably the hyena, which has an unfairly poor reputation.

    My next move is to gripe about how you can't, apparently, change how you show the submission notifications. I've had quite a few of them pile up, and I'd like to start clearing up the pile from the oldest ones, yet I can't figure out any way to sort them that way.

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    Hullo! Welcome to the forums? :3c?
    I should reallllllyyyyy make myself a signature soon :3c



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