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    How to get more constructive/helpful feedback?

    I used to use DeviantArt. I deactivated because I wasn't satisfied.
    When I make art, I like to try and improve, but often times I cannot find a way.
    I joined DeviantArt to make sure I can be able to help myself improve. But after literally two years of using DA, I got zero helpful feedback.
    Believe me. I done everything.
    Rather than getting people who can help me by critiques, I instead got sugarcoated compliments, comforting lies, art beggars who show up out of no where, RPers that I don't even know, etc.
    I certainly didn't like the kind of feedback I got.
    TL;DR: Expected help for two years, got anything but that.
    So. How do I get more meaningful feedback?

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    Have a go at posting your art here, perhaps it will be more helpful.

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    Let me know when you find out. I've been posting art online for the last 11 years and barely get comments let alone actual critique. Hell I didn't even get critique in art school.

    EDIT: I keep forgetting about it, because I don't use it because the site format disagrees with me, but was pretty much made for critique

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    Hello TeratheOdd,

    I agree with you, deviantArt is a terrible site to get critique. I have received, like you, those sugarcoated comments, but also completely useless and rude "self-claimed" critiques, pointless and without any useful learning tips. Truth is, most people there are amateurs. The few professionals that could actually help out are usually too busy to go around commenting on people's drawings. I've also learned not to give any critique unless asked for - most people don't want to hear that their work could be better.

    To find actually good critique, first you have to ask yourself, "where do I want to go as an artist?"

    Do you want to be a children's book illustrator? Do you want to be a character designer? A background artist? Do you want to work in games or animation? Or are you looking to sell your traditional paintings and do exhibitions?

    Once you've learned to answer this question, it will be easier to figure out where to look for advice.

    Search for foruns related to the kind of artwork you want to be doing, contact your very favorite artists asking for a portfolio review or attend cons and meet the artists in person. You can also join a class where you'll be critiqued by a teacher. Local classes can be good, or you also have some very good online schools like

    Look in the right place and you'll find help

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    If you're serious about improving, I suggest the facebook group Draw Or Die. They also have a discord group which seems pretty active, and they will give serious help and critique. It won't be 'this is how you can fix this pose' unless you're at a pretty high level, it'll be more like 'check out this book and do these excises and that's how you'll fix your problem yourself'. But it can be a massive help if you're stuck on what to work on!

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    Be the best, then who cares what anyone thinks



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