Hello! I am looking to do some inking for any pencilers out there that wish to hire a digital inker such as myself (MUST provide the sketch; all I do is ink and color things) Here are examples of my work: http://sta.sh/21jcjnlu4ws Included are side-by-side comparisons of the sketch (left) and what they looked like after inking (right) Please note that example #1&2 are over a year old, but #3&4 are more recent and more accurate to my style

If interested, please read my TOS very carefully; thank you!

--I will do headshots, bust shots, full body, full body with backgrounds, and comic pages

--I can do super thin lines or thicker lines thanks to a special tool I use for SAI
--Additionally, if you want thicker, outer lines and thinner, inner lines, I can do that too
--I can also do 1px sized pixels (if you would like examples, let me know)

--Black and white inks only (you can change the colors yourself with any art program with layers)

--You can upload the inks to your social media and art websites, but my username MUST stay on the file you upload. A link back to my DA is also appreciated (Please be aware that I'll be using my Twitter handle on everything instead of my DA one (my handle is Hitaka5Ever) I would change my username if it was a free feature, but alas)
--You may NOT claim the inks as yours, nor can you sell the lines. You can, however, use them for character/adopts with fake currency ONLY. So if you wanna sell design-only adopts for DA points using the lines, you can (just don't sell the lines themselves)
--Additionally, no one can color in your lines unless they get permission FROM ME also (so you can't put "these lines are free to color without permission" in your upload)
--In regards to comics: if you wanted to sell your comic down the line, then we can come up with some kind of contract/payment plan later

--You may color in your lines yourselves, but do NOT hire another artist to color them for you
--If you want your art colored but don't have the means to do so yourself, let me know so I can give you my color prices so you can consider hiring me for that too (see my gallery for examples)

--I require payment up front, USD paypal only. When you are ready to pay, I will give you specific instructions on how to do that through paypal
--I WILL NOT START INKING UNTIL I AM PAID. I do this for my assurance that I get compensation for my work
--No refunds once I've started, sorry (you will be notified on the day I start inking that I have started)
--If my queue is full and I haven't started yours and you need one, THEN I'll refund you

Things I will ink:
--Animals (regular, anthro, furries, etc)
--Anything at a PG-13 rating or below (artistic nudity and light violence is fine)
--Any sexual orientation art (anything dealing with the LGBTQIA+ or heterosexual orientations)

Things I will NOT ink:
--Anything above a PG-13 rating (artistic nudity and light violence is fine)
--Sexual content (dates, kissing, and cuddling is fine)
--Fan art, unless original creator allows it
--Hate art, vent art, political art, racist art, etc
--Solo backgrounds (meaning just backgrounds, such as cities and towns)

--Headshots: $10 per 1 head
--Bust shots: $20 per 1 waist up
--Full body: $30 per 1 character/pose
--Full body+background: $40 per character/pose
--Comic pages: $150 per page (4-7 panels ONLY)

PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT TO HIRE ME! I can be more organized if you note me these details:
--Link to your pencil sketch(es)
--What line thickness you prefer (I will need the pixel size if you want exact measurements)
--Anything important I should know about the sketch/character(s)

If you have ANY questions, comment here or note me. If I need to, I'll make an FAQ

Please message me on Weasyl; thank you: https://www.weasyl.com/~hitaka5ever