When I try to format my text in the submission details, primarily with italics (that's 9/10 times what I'm trying to do), I'll set up the <'i> format (sans the ' ) properly, and the ending <'/i>, and it'll display properly in the preview box over X many stanzas, but when I submit or save, on the site it only displays the first stanza as being italicized, and the rest aren't, despite the fact that the ending <'/i> is at the tail end of the final stanza. The formatting treats them, let's say 3 stanzas, as a single blocked area of text to format, but doesn't behave as such when saved. I have to put the italics code in from of each stanza. I can completely ignore the end code for that as well, because it automatically just cuts off after that stanza ends, and a <'br> begins.

Is this related to the site switching to Pyramid? I've only recently noticed this. It doesn't impact functionality, it's just annoying to deal with for text formatting. I can't remember if I experienced this when making journals or not, but I'd be willing to bet it happens there as well.