We’ve reached the bottom of the deck . . . batch number 52 is up. The new questions this week:

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FCS-581 Have you ever tried to play matchmaker for another furry fan?
FCS-586 Have you ever appeared in someone else’s stream via audio or video link?
FCS-587 Should nations replace images of humans on their currency with images of animals?
FCS-588 Have you ever applied for a vanity license plate reflecting your involvement in furry fandom?
FCS-589 Do you believe that you were or will be an animal in another life?

ARTISTS ONLY (anyone who has made furry artwork):
FCS-580 Do you have a storefront on a self-publishing website like CafePress or Zazzle?

CREATORS ONLY (any type of furry work—art, writing, music, you name it):
FCS-579 Is the computer on which you do most of your creative work connected to two or more video screens? (Laptop screens count.)

DEALERS ONLY (any furry fan who has had a dealer space at a convention):
FCS-582 Have you ever shared a table with another dealer . . . who wound up hogging the space?

FURSUITERS ONLY (past or present):
FCS-584 Would you seriously consider wearing your fursuit to try to get out of jury duty?
FCS-585 While fursuiting, have you ever passed out from heat or dehydration?

STREAMING CREATORS ONLY (furry creators of any kind who have streamed their work online):
FCS-583 Do you usually include guests in your stream via audio or video link?

We’re always on the lookout for fun furry survey ideas. If you have any, feel free to PM us.

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