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    Hey everyone! So, I'm gonna be completely honest here, I'm here because (like my name says) I just want to keep drawing for a living. I was recently laid off from my job as a character designer at Disney and I've been having a tough time finding a new project to jump on. I figured while I look I may as well offer my services to you guys since I love drawing animals whether they be anthropomorphic or not and from what I understand you guys like that sort of stuff! (Win-win, right?)
    While I may not be a furry myself I like to think Iím still a pretty nice dude and wouldn't mind meeting other nice people, so yeah!

    If you wanna check out my work on either furaffinity or here on weasyl (I go by the same name as here, but the weasyl forums won't let me post links yet.)

    There may not be much there now but Iíll be posting a drawing every day as well as requests that I receive (as well as commissions, hopefully!)

    Anyways, donít be a stranger! Stop by and say hi whenever or whatever! :)

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    Can never have enough artist in this world! Welcome!



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