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Thread: New User!!

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    New User!!

    Hey there, I'm new here obviously by the title. I've actually had an old account here on Weasyl "Sparky-the-Scraggy but I can't remember the password anymore otherwise I probably would have logged in there....... mmm probably not honestly, I would have left a notification on that page of mine pointing to my new account
    Anyway, I'm new here and I'd realy like to make some friends, so don't be afraid to chat with me!!
    I'm slowly trying to upload all my art here with my computer being absolutely horrible and literally dying with every time I open the "submit image" pop up.......
    My computer doesn't charge, it stays at 1% all day. so any stress that happens to it kills the computer, which is why it keeps dying all the time..... SUPER annoying.....

    Anyway how are you?? Let's chat a bit. Tell me about yourself, your art, your characters and if you have any accounts elsewhere like toyhouse for instance.

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    Maybe you should get a new battery or clean your computer.
    I paint stuff that isn't that common here on weasyl. I've never heard about toyhouse before XD



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