Hullo, Weasyl! Is anybody active over here?..

So the only place I actually talk to people is sofurry and they're down right now, therefore I am coming to you, O Weasylites, with an offering of short fiction to keep me busy and you entertained! :'D Deal, right? Right!

These will be short one-shots between 2k - 3k words (unless I really get inspired, then who knows how long it'll be, haha). There will be no fetish content, and NSFW is on a case-by-case basis (I rarely say yes, just to warn you -- nothing personal, I'm just very picky). c: Apart from that, anything goes! If you need an idea of what to tell me to write about, I find this length is just right for character spotlights, a single love scene, short or small-scale conflicts, and "snapshot" stories, among other things.

And if you really want me to write for you but really don't know what you want, message me anyway and we'll brainstorm together!

I'll leave a note here when I'm no longer accepting these, so if you're reading this then I'm still game! <3