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    Hi weasly world :d

    Hi im new on Weasyl, I come from Deviantart looking for another page where i can sell my art for money, and also do commissions, so i need to know if here i can do that?
    maybe a conection with paypal from weasyl, or Weasyl points or something
    Can i?

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    Hello? Nothing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadow2007x View Post
    Hello? Nothing?
    Hello and welcome! It has been very slow here lately, so that is probably why nobody has answered yet.

    The two best places to post commission details would be on your Weasyl page itself and there is also a sub forum here. There isn't a point system or anything like what Deviantart has.

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    Well, he got 2 (now 3) replies. That's 3 better than mine. Oh well, hello

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    I see, well thx so much =)



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