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    Looking for an Artrade

    Jes! Artrade, one Artrade or a commission but mostly Artrade. But my delivery is somewhat specific, I will deliver a 3D Display, meaning I will build a your character with blender3D and than give you an html file that you can load in your browser and look at it (btw. mobile devices seem to have a problem with those, sadly, also it will be a bit bigger). Anyway I can Modell it in a way you could modify it for game modding. Also I do fur, it will be simple fur since you can freely look at this display so it demands for not render intensive ones. It will even have an armature so I can put it into a little piece, so it it will mostly be a little digital figure.

    What is the catch here? Well I want to make a product that I can present to people for commisions, also figure out how to make them quickly. Also I want to have a little fun. Since I don't have any money problems I have the Freedom to choose but maybe you like what I do, I like what you do, the character is interesting. And btw. if your character wears any clothes or you want me to design something that would be just a great joy to me.

    So yeah I also could just make something up, but I kinda see it as an opportunity to maybe get some contacts and deepen them.

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    hay ill do a art trade with you



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