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    Is submitting the same image twice acceptable for featured folder?


    I'm new to Weasyl (made the account awhile ago, coming now).

    I'm working on moving all of my art that I definitely want to keep a record of/art I want to keep as part of my gallery for posterity's sake over... ... piece by painstaking piece.

    I was wondering, since the same submission cannot be submitted to multiple folders, can I upload the same image twice? EG. once for my 'drawing' folder, and once for my 'featured' folder? Not all of my drawings are my top tier, while occasionally some of my 'doodles' are worthy of feature. Or, maybe I want to feature something in 'plushies', even though my good/main artwork is drawings.

    I also know that while I'll always be proud of what I was proud of in 2009, I will not necessarily want THAT to be the first thing someone sees on my profile - so while it's still in with the 'drawings', I don't want the older images to be picked for the feature on my profile.


    Can I upload the same image twice to make my profile featured folder contain specific images also uploaded to my other folders?

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    It is prohibited to upload any exact duplicates or over three (3) submissions of considerable similarity, with no discernable or apparent difference between them.

    Community guidelines I.C.6



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