Hiiiiii my dear new friends!!

My name is Neily..I have newly joined here just sometime ago..I am from India..

I love to draw doodles since I was a kid..2 years ago I started drawing Mandalas and decorative designs and I loved it..Just before a month ago I came to know about the famous DeviantArt and joined there..My friends on DA advised me to buy a graphics tablet to draw and color digitally..I have just bought my tablet and I am in love with it..
Today I came in touch with a journal at DA praising Weasyl--so I joined here too..I love to make new friends always and love to chat a lot beside drawing..So I welcome you all to my profile page..
I have uploaded two of my recent and very 1st drawings with my new tablet..Any feedback is appreciated on them my dear friends!!

I am a part-time receptionist at a dental clinic..I live with my parents and my elder sister and my cute parrot and an aquarium with two goldfishes..Also my art supplies and my laptop-tablet are my best companions!!

That's all about me..Now Looking for new friends!!
Love, Neily..