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    Character design help?

    So I'm having an issue with a couple of characters I made and since this is a furry place I'm wondering if anyone here could help me out?
    Recently I've made two characters named Thatcher and Finley, and they're based off two characters from a weird fanfic I wrote a long time ago. These two characters happened to be . . . *sigh* Knuckles and Tails . . . yeah, I used to be really into Sonic back then. Well anyway . . . I've been getting many comments on Thatcher and Finley (especially this one picture in particular of the two sitting on grass together for some reason) that they look like Knuckles and Tails, which is GREAT! My style doesn't look anything like Sonic so I'm guessing that maybe it's the fact that they are similar colours and the same species? The problem is, I'm kind of attached to them now and I've already started writing the new pages to the comic and I don't really want to have to change their designs a lot, but maybe I'll have to. It's sort of hard to tell if the characters look too much like something when you're the creator, so maybe if some other people saw the characters they would understand. And I don't want to look like a dumb oh person that makes obvious rip-off characters and yeah . . .

    Anyway, I'll just link to their Toyhouse profiles:

    Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    Oh? Oh.

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    Not exactly the same, but this sort of reminds me of an issue I was stuck with for a while in my novel, which was the main character's name. I came up with the name a very long time ago, as a teenager, when I was very much into anime. He's a fox, so I looked up the Japanese word for 'fox' and named him that.

    Of course, on reflection it was a stupid decision, and didn't really fit with the tone the novel eventually took on, but I was sort of attached to it by that point. So I left it in for a couple of drafts, and developed a justification based on something I read in the book 'Freakonomics', that uneducated and low-income families tend to pick weird or silly names for their kids. So I used it as an opportunity to develop a more coherent backstory for the character.

    But then I decided that no, it really did need to change, so I basically just split the difference. The Japanese word for 'fox' is, of course, 'kitsune', and the Japanese tend to suppress the 'u' sounds in their words. So I changed the character's name from 'Kitsune' to 'Qiitsneh'. Pronounced roughly the same, but now it's significantly less obvious what the name actually is.

    If you're wondering by now why I related that story in this thread, it's because it sounds like sort of a similar issue to yours (that you're now embarrassed about something you came up with as a kid, but you're emotionally attached to it anyhow). So maybe you could try what I did and turn these two into more of an homage than a rip-off by changing some significant detail, without changing the essence of the characters' designs.

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    I recommend changing the facial features and hair spike thingies? (I don't know if hedgehogs have hair I have not the slightest idea what sonic is even about other than a speedy blue hedgehog). Maybe even give them a particular style of clothing or, if your feeling daring, change the shade of the colour they are. It's clear your attached to the colour and look of them, but a different shade of red or yellow can change the look just enough. Maybe even give them new features like horns or three tails instead of two or one.

    I'm not good with animal character design but I hope I somewhat helped.



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